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Most successful Forex traders in South Africa – Top 10

The financial industry and in particular, Forex trading, have involved significantly throughout the past decade. The soaring rates of internet penetration around the world along with the growing size of the financial industry have boosted the popularity of Forex trading. Today, millions of people are making profits out of trading all around the world. However, this industry comes with many misconceptions established over the past few years.

If you mention the possibility of starting Forex trading with those around you, they will most likely raise concerns about how it is just like gambling. There is a big misconception about Forex that investing in it is pretty much equal to losing money as the turnout is highly dependent on luck. The truth is the complete opposite. This sector is drastically different from gambling and with sufficient knowledge and skills, one can easily make huge amounts.

Forex trading has many advantages that partly are responsible for its popularity. First of all, unlike many other parts of the financial industry, investing in Forex does not require immense sums. There is low to almost no entry barrier for beginners as they have the opportunity to start off with practically zero and grow their revenues exponentially. This has been proven by many influential traders from all over the world who achieved what many considered impossible. George Soros, soon from starting trading, became one of the most successful businessmen on earth.

Just like with many other countries, there is most certainly no lack of successful Forex traders from South Africa. In fact, this southernmost country of the continent has shaped itself as one of the leading nations in the sector globally. Being one of the richest countries in Africa, this nation has everything successful Forex businesses desire. From beautiful, vibrant cities to affordable prices and diverse communities, South Africa is the place to be. In this article, we are introducing the most prominent and influential South African Forex traders.

Sandile Shezi

Top FX traders in South Africa

Despite Forex trading being based on knowledge and experience rather than the pure lack, there still are lots of risks when it comes to making early investments. Usually, people who start off with Forex invest their savings or spare money in an effort to make extra profits besides their guaranteed, safe incomes. Now, Sandile Shezi’s story is not one of those in which elders make millions out of retirement funds. Rather, this is a controversial story of risk and a well-used opportunity that made Shezi one of the Richest Forex traders from South Africa.

This young man in his 20s is not the son of a South African millionaire who spent his childhood in a Johannesburg penthouse. Mr. Shezi used to live in a rundown suburb, attending a local school. His family was barely able to put the tuition together not to mention other costs that come with the university. Yet, their efforts were put in the future success of Shezi as a university graduate. Back then, neither Shezi himself nor his family members imagined that he would soon become one of the country’s most famous self-made millionaires.

One time when Shezi was given the money for the tuition fee, he made a decision to invest it in Forex. This decision would soon shape the rest of his life. At the age of 23, Shezi already was one of the most influential young millionaires not only in his own country but on the entire continent. He is now leading the list of Forex successful traders in South Africa and generally in the region. His experience is a real, tangible example of how one can turn their life into absolute success.

Mr. Shezi later decided to diversify his assets and invest in the future generation of South African Forex traders. It is safe to say that the continent has a huge potential in this regard. There are hundreds of talented minds waiting to be found by someone willing to take care of them. Fortunately, Mr. Shezi is one of the biggest philanthropists in the nation. He founded a Global Forex Institute where young entrepreneurs are taught about trading and all the advanced methodologies utilized by Shezi and others in the industry.

We can now proudly say that this is one of the brightest examples of how Forex trading can change lives. However, the story of Mr. Shezi is full of risk and financial danger. It is never advised to invest money that you need to cover other essential expenses. Mr. Shezi had great luck to succeed during the very first try. Otherwise, savings or spare money, the amount you will not be afraid to lose should be invested in Forex. After all, entering the list of Top 10 richest traders in South Africa takes quite some time and effort.

Nelisiwe Masango

successful Forex traders from South Africa

This one most certainly is her story. In the industry traditionally dominated by men, Nelisiwe Masango managed to transform her life by utilizing possibilities granted by Forex trading platforms. Born and raised in South  Africa, Masango’s dream was not always to be a successful Forex trader. Instead, she wanted to live with a completely different lifestyle. In school up until late years, she was ver convinced that becoming a neurosurgeon was what she wanted to be.

However, Masango soon realized that medicine was not her true calling. Instead, she decided to shift her life completely by entering the financial industry. The discovery of her love for finance, investments, and particularly trading is what truly shaped her as one of the leading Forex traders in South Africa. Today she is the young female voice in the country’s industry, participating in various conferences and events where she represents her country.

Importantly, Masango now owns her own companies and initiatives that are her primary source of income. Most notably she is the founder of Bear Run Investments, a forex trading company that is considered one of the most prominent in South Africa. Her clients are big names from all across the country and beyond. With her leadership the company managed to expand into other markets within Africa, bringing enormous profits to Masango. Besides the primary business, she has many other assets that make her extremely financially stable. Despite the diverse portfolio, she still remains primarily involved in the Forex industry, making sure that future generations follow the path.

In a country like South Africa, having women voices is of utmost importance. Masango fights for female empowerment across the nation, most notably through her platform called “Female and Finances”. It is her initiative that aims to spread the knowledge and information about finance, marketing, and trading among women and girls. By working hard to boost awareness, she expresses her genuine hope that more women will be among the list of Top FX traders in South Africa in the future.

Besides her female program, Masango also works to provide less fortunate citizens of South Africa with job opportunities. “Gentle Hands Agency” led by her aims to help out those who lack employment on the rigid labor market of South Africa. This project has already helped thousands of people and Masango is not planning to stop anytime soon.

This example is yet another evidence of how Forex transforms lives. From the dream of becoming a surgeon to the financial industry, the life of Nelisiwe Masango has changed for good. In return, she promotes gender equality and hands a helping help to those who need it the most.

Ref Wayne

Richest Forex traders from South Africa

It is surprising that many of the South African Forex trader stories tell about people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their childhoods were not full of toys and expensive holidays but rather with lots of work and effort. Our next Forex superstar on the list is Ref Wayne who really deserves to be celebrated by the country. At a very early age, he managed to become one of the richest people in South Africa, expanding his business into different sectors. Yet, he never had any starting capital. He truly belongs to the list of self-made millionaires.

Growing up in a peripheral area, Wayne has come across numerous stumbling blocks throughout this early life. His dream was to receive a quality education and have a decent job in one of the larger cities in South Africa. However, considering the lack of such opportunities around where he grew up, Wayne decided to invest his time and energy into learning more about Forex trading.

At first, he did not have huge expectations about this at a glace unreal opportunity. However, Wayne kept learning more and more about the sector, eventually mastering trading techniques and becoming the Best Forex trader in South Africa. The prominent trader is in his mid-20s, undoubtedly a very young age to have such a vast career. Exact numbers about his net worth are not known. However, different sources estimate that it is somewhere around $500 million. This amount easily puts him next to the biggest names in the industry across the continent.

Mr. Wayne now owns luxury cars, mansions, and travels in private jets from VIP terminals. Yet, besides his posh lifestyle, the trading superstar supports novelty, innovation, and education in South Africa. He created the first South African virtual currency, Pip Coin, which has achieved certain success. Throughout this initiative alone, Wayne has managed to employ hundreds of young brilliant minds from local communities.

Besides his active involvement in the crypto industry, Wayne now also actively supports raising awareness about financial topics among South Africans, particularly the young people. He even is a founder of the institute that conducts courses about Forex trading. This educational institution operates with international standards and is extremely popular among prospective South African youngsters. Wayne has also recorded a number of free online lessons about the topic, inspiring a whole new wave of future Richest Forex traders from South Africa.  Therefore, beyond the status of one of the most significant traders in Africa, Wayne also is a prominent philanthropist, benefiting his community.

George Van Der Riet

South African Forex trader stories

Many people in the Forex industry get incredibly lucky and make their first millions overnight. Such examples have been listed above and there are many of those all across the globe. However, the story we are about to tell is nothing like them. Instead, this is a story of dedication, tireless work, and many years of learning. We are talking about George Van Der Riet who is often known as the mentor of Sandile Shezi.

Mr. Van Der Riet was born and brought up in Cape Town, one of the largest cities in South Africa. He had lots of opportunities to study and grant himself a well-paying job in one of the flourishing industries in the metropolis. However, George decided to go against the flow and learn about the financial sector and more particularly about Forex trading. Unfortunately, his story would not begin in South Africa amid the lack of educational opportunities in this field back when Mr. Van Der Riet was beginning. He can even be considered one of the pioneers of Forex trading in South Africa.

Before becoming the Most successful Forex trader South Africa had seen, Van Der Riet had to gather the relevant knowledge and experience. With this aim, he moved to the United Kingdom, residing in the city of Manchester where he studied finance at a leading institution. Britain is home to some of the biggest financial companies in the world whether we are talking about commercial banks of Forex brokers. This allowed him to develop skills based on practice upon graduation from university.

Later following the successful graduation, Mr. Van Der Riet worked for various firms in London and other areas across the United Kingdom. He gained experience in Forex trading, as well as in traditional banking. Some of the leading businesses in the industry offered him great insight into the upper floor of the sector.

Back in South Africa, he was offered a number of great jobs by major companies in Johannesburg and Cape Town. However, he decided to turn back on them and invest his time into Forex. Soon he met with Mr. Shezi who would become one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the country. This meeting turned out to be mutually beneficial for both sides as Van Der Riet trained Mr. Shezi and eventually, both ended up among Top 5 Forex traders in South Africa.

Just like others on the list, he also supports the youth and innovative initiatives. In fact, along with Mr. Shezi, he is a co-founder of the Global Forex Institue based in South Africa. It aims to spread knowledge and education about finance among young South Africans. Besides this project, Mr. Van Der Riet is involved in numerous charity works and educational endeavors.

Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester

Top FX traders in South Africa

These young women are two examples of how joint efforts can result in something great and impressive. Both were born and raised in South Africa and none of them planned on becoming leading voices in the Forex industry. However, today Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester are powerful young women in their 20s, shaping the gigantic sector of Forex trading.

The industry that is dominated by men can be quite harsh to female entrepreneurs working hard to push the boundaries. However, for Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester, no glass ceilings were strong enough to keep them out. After gaining loads of experience in Forex trading, startup management, and traditional finance, the duo co-founded their own consulting firm – “iSelect Wealth. The name of the company speaks for itself, focused on boosting profits and efficiency. Today, even some of the most successful Forex traders from South Africa and other countries in the region approach iSelect Wealth for professional advice and guidance.

Their business helps other companies shape better campaigns and strategies in regard to Forex trading, marketing, and startup development. They provide a genius course on how to trade with high profits on investment markets. The company has its own platforms and technologies that can be used during trading in efforts to boost the potential income. They apply to anyone and are exceptionally easy to use.

Companies like iSelect Wealth are not common in South Africa and that is why the duo’s decision of investing in something like this has become a major success. Many might argue that the duo can not be qualified as the Best South African Forex trader but the truth is that they have managed to innovate within this sector. The knowledge and experience gained throughout the years were put in something unique, making these two incredible individuals some of the richest women in the country.

Besides their successful business, Paballo Nkwe and Danielle Lester are occupied with charity work, supporting a diverse range of innovative ideas. Their most famous non-profit activity is visiting South African universities and conducting lectures or talks under different formats about Forex trading and potential opportunities within the industry. Their outreach events primarily target young women who might follow the duo’s path of success. Philanthropy is something that apparently all Forex traders in South Africa do.

Learn from the best

Forex trading is something everyone can do and benefit from. Fortunately, in the 21st century, a soaring number of people have access to the fast internet, ensuring their connection to the rest of the world. Everyone, including Top FX traders in South Africa, started off through online courses and tutorials about trading. There are plenty of textbooks and useful articles available as well. All in all, the web is a massive resource that should be utilized.

Fortunately, now people can also learn from those who have already made it to the top of the industry. We have also mentioned in this article about a number of successful traders that they support education among people. In efforts to raise awareness and spread knowledge about trading, many of them offer free learning resources on the internet. Gladly, the 21st century grants us easy access to almost everything we can think of. These resources are not an exception and can be found on different websites, quite often on pages managed by some of those traders.

For instance, we have already talked about how Sandile Shezi, one of the Richest Forex traders from South Africa offers free videos for those who can not afford formal education. He has published a number of such lessons on different platforms that can easily be accessed. Besides, a growing number of educational institutions focusing on finance and particularly Forex, often provide affordable or free online courses led by some of the most prominent names in the industry.

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