List of top 10 Forex brokers in Europe for FX traders

Best FX brokers in EuropeEurope is one of the most important and to say, a central place, for the modern financial world. It is considered to be one of the best developed financial markets around the world and it is not a surprise that Forex trading is very popular in the region.

Over the years, Forex has become a very popular investment opportunity for Europeans. However, with the development of modern technology, and more importantly, the internet, many challenges, and problems emerged. To overcome these challenges, European countries came up with different types of regulations and regulatory bodies, that take care of the whole financial system in the region.

Every country has to follow these strict rules to ensure the safety and security of their Forex traders, and by doing so, the field of Forex is very successful in Europe. There are many well-known European Forex traders around the world, known for their trading style and strategies like no other.

We have created this page for everyone who is interested in trading in Europe. This very diverse market is full of opportunities and on these guides created especially for European Forex traders, we are going to talk about every aspect that might be interesting for European Forex traders.

What are the best Forex brokers in the region?

Europe has a very well-developed financial market, and it is a fact. Because of this, Forex brokers that offer services to the citizens of European countries must be the best ones on the market. There is no place for mistakes in the European market, and if a broker ends up violating one of the very strict rules, they will have to face consequences.

Because of the fact that there are so many great Forex brokers in the region, it is very hard to find the best one. It is especially hard for those who are new to the market, and to make your job easier, we have done very intensive research on our own. As a result, we were able to come up with a shortlist of the best Forex brokers in Europe that you should try out right now.

Below is our list, while working on it, we made sure to focus on every aspect that might be important for traders, from regulations to payment methods to available trading currency pairs and instruments, and many other things that might influence your trading experience. Take a look at our list and start trading now!


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MT4, MT5


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MT4, WebTrader

IQ Option

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Forex trading in Europe – country by country

Europe is full of different jurisdictions, but generally, there are some rules that apply to all of these countries. We have prepped guides about many of the European countries that you should definitely check out right now.

Europe’s FX trading regulations – what should you know before you start trading?

Regulations are very important for successful Forex trading, no matter you are a beginner or an experienced FX broker, you should make sure to always trade with authorized FX broker for the maximum safety. FX trading is already a very risky business, you do not really want to add new risks to it.

European regulatory agencies are one of the biggest ones on the market. They are very strict when it comes to FX trading, and in case the broker does something illegal, they tend to have a very tough reaction to this type of misconduct.

At some degree, every jurisdiction has its own regulatory framework that is created after their financial situation. However, even though there are some differences between the countries, the general guidelines seem to be very close to each other.

Europe's top FX brokersOver the years, European countries decided to make everything a lot easier and in 2007, the European Union passed a law called Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, MiFID. This law aims to harmonize the market laws in different jurisdictions of Europe and creates a very similar atmosphere in different countries of the EU. Because of MiFID, if a specific broker is regulated and authorized in one of the countries in Europe, it has the right to offer services to every single European citizen.

Other than the fact that MiFID made it easier for traders to find a trustworthy broker, it also gave brokers the chance to find a regulatory body that has a better regulatory framework and register with them. For example, not every broker wants to follow guidelines of a regulatory body that has huge fines, in most cases, they prefer to go with ones that will provide the safety and transparency, without imposing huge fines.

Because of this, one of the most popular regulatory bodies in the region has become the CySEC, which is regulatory body regifted in Cyprus. There are many other regulatory bodies in the region, like BaFIN, FCA, etc. All of them follow the general guidelines, however, the details are a little bit different.

Advantages of trading with European FX brokers

There are many advantages when it comes to trading with Forex brokers registered in Europe. There are many great FX brokers in the region and the greatest thing about them is that they offer a very safe and secure trading environment. In addition, the financial sector has been developing in the region for a very long time, and right now, it has a lot to offer to its investors.

In addition, one of the greatest things is that Forex traders have a lot of opportunities for successful FX trading experience. First and foremost, as a European FX trader, you will be able to choose from a number of different Forex brokers in the region. No matter which European country you are from, you will most definitely have access to FX brokers from all over the region.

Biggest disadvantages of FX trading in Europe

FX trading regulations in EuropeAs much rewarding as FX trading in the region might be, there are some things that you should know about before you start trading in the region. First and foremost, it is the fact that because of the current regulations in the region, FX brokers are not allowed to offer any type of bonuses or promotions to their clients.

Unlike European traders, FX traders around the world have the ability to enjoy amazing bonuses, like no deposit bonus, or first deposit bonus, and many others, that are very helpful in the world of Forex trading. Sadly, European FX traders do not have this ability.

In addition, in most cases, you can not trade with high leverage. However, this has two sides. High leverage is something that is enjoyed by many experienced Forex traders, on the other hand, this can be very dangerous and risky for those who do not have enough experience with Forex trading.

Should you trade with FX brokers of Europe?

Europe has a lot to offer to Forex traders, and we believe that if you are looking for a classic Forex trading experience, the market is perfect for you. It is a safe, secure, and transparent investment market full of opportunities, and thanks to the regulatory framework, the Forex trading in Europe is as safe as it gets. There are a number of best FX brokers offering their services in Europe, and we recommend checking them out right now.