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Top Forex traders in Malaysia

Trading on Forex has become a new thing for a lot of people all across the globe. Whether it is a way to make some side profit or something user does for the living it stays ultimately true that the process can become addicting and enjoyable. It is a field where interested individuals can research information over the internet and gather necessary knowledge to start working on that extra buck. Whether you’re from a fully developed country or other developing one trading offers an even field and requires nothing but the user discretion to advance in the field. The field is full of interesting individuals from all across the world sharing their own experiences and helping each other out on this endeavor. Malaysia is one of the countries where the popularity of trading on Forex is drawing more and more people in. Developed economic situation, as well as good regulatory commissions and the government encouraging the trade, creates a comfortable environment to start. On this note, we decided to discuss Malaysian Forex traders’ success stories of some of the most successful traders we could find all across the country.

Tradingviews is one of the biggest platforms all across the globe. This is where a lot of such individuals gather for knowledge-sharing and trading and the individuals we cover here will be the most successful Forex traders in Malaysia.

Rayn Lim

successful Forex traders from Malaysia

Rayn Lim is an individual who has been on the TradingView for around 3 years now. He is originally from Singapore and usually leads his operations from there, however, due to the fact that both of the countries are located close to each other and share the same time this individual is a very good example of someone to follow. This is exactly why he is included in the list of Forex successful traders in Malaysia as his success can be taken at the face value for people trading from the Malaysian region. He is a certified Harmonic Patterns Trading Coach with a reputation of 11835 on the platform netting him 1347 followers. He’s also very active on his twitter account sharing his opinions there as well. Definitely someone to follow.

Rayn Lim is extremely active on TradingView with almost everyday idea-sharing and weekly market analysis. He trades in popular currency pairs like United States Dollar (USD) to Canadian Dollar (CAD), USD to Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pound (GBP) to USD, Euro (EUR) to USD as well as Australian Dollar (AUD) to CAD with an occasional mix of Netherland Dollar (NZD).

He shares his opinion both about bullish and bearish trading deals. Shark setups seem to be his point of interest and as we have already mentioned he offers very interesting ideas on a daily bases about individual patterns and possible profitable situations.


Sufiansaid is an account created by an individual presumably named – Sufian. Unfortunately, not much is known about the person himself except for the fact that he resides in Brunei, which is extremely close to Malaysia and shares the same timezone. The account has been active for 4 years on TradingView and still posts regular information about their affairs and insight into the trade. This account most commonly works on currency pairs with 79% of the trades being done on Forex which makes him one of the best Forex traders in the Malaysian region.

The account is full of both bullish long term trading plans as well as bearish short term ones. The charts he creates are quite self-explanatory and offer information on trading anything from EUR-USD, to GBP-JPY currency pairs.

Sufiansaid account nets almost 2500 reputation points with 1030 likes and 235 followers all across the TradingView platform.


Top FX traders in Malaysia

SL-Trades is an account of an individual from Sarawak, Malaysia. This trader has started more recently with the account having been created only 7 months prior to posting this article, however, in this short time he managed to gather a considerable amount of reputation of 836 with 438 likes and around 100 followers.

This is individual trading on multiple different markets with 30% of his work being done on Forex on currency shares, however, if one is interested he also deals in stocks of different companies (26%) as well as commodities like the US Oil (10%) with whatever is left being thrown at other trading traits.

This account primarily focuses on GBP-USD with the occasional twist on other interesting currency pairs mostly offering bullish long term plans, however, more rarely diving into bearish short term territory as well.

Due to the sheer amount of information present on his account, it is a must-see for every individual interested in trading in general but most importantly on Forex. This is the reason this person is, in our humble opinion, one of the most interesting individuals and potentially future the best Forex trader in Malaysia.


Jeanne Kong is an individual from Malaysia, who focuses on cryptocurrency, however, sometimes offers very interesting opinions on Forex as well. Crypto trading is similar to forex, however, while the currencies on the Forex market are backed by a centralized government, cryptos are not. Due to this, the similarities do not transfer well due to the fact that influential factors can be quite different from each other.

This individual has a bearish trend and offers extremely interesting information in connection to trading in general. The charts are interesting to look at with loads of information fit into one compact image. This person has been active on the TradingView for 5 years and has gained the reputation of 486 with 186 likes and 81 followers, which may not seem much, however, the fact that almost 1/5th of her followers are following this means that the engagement factor is also high.

In the end, Jeanne Kong is a very talented individual, who’s also very active on Twitter sharing her opinions on potential ups and downs on the market as a whole netting her place in the list of Malaysian Forex trader stories.


tohchin7010 is an account registered from Malaysia around 2 years ago. While the main focus of this individual stays on Commodities netting 48% of his activity, Forex is also a very important part of his or her work firmly sitting at 30% of all of the trades done by the user netting him a spot in the list of Forex traders in Malaysia. Unfortunately, not much is known about this person including the gender.

This account offers a unique opportunity to start trading Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) as well as the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) both in combination with the Singapore dollar (SGD).


Teehan Ming is an individual, who joined the TradingView platform around 3 months ago, however, as fresh as this account is it offers a huge variety of structured information about Forex trading, which is 2nd largest focus for the account netting almost 35% of the whole activity as well as around 65% focus on Malaysian stocks.

In this short period of time, this person has accumulated 140 reputation and 64 likes. The idea-sharing process is quite frequent with him or her putting out fresh information charts every week. This account offers information about AUD-JPY and USD-Swiss Franc (CHF) trading. The fact that this account is based in Malaysia means that it also offers valuable information about stocks if such a thing interests the reader netting him or her on of the spots in the list of successful Forex traders from Malaysia.


LCFXpro gets an honorable mention as it is one of the professional accounts created 3 years ago with whooping 104539 reputation, 64507 likes, and 15909 followers. This user is based in Bali, Indonesia which puts it extremely close to Malaysia and therefore directly transferring the knowledge-sharing process to any individual from the Malaysian region.

The account is probably the most successful Forex trader in the Malaysian region with almost a whole focus on Forex trading (81%). With the most commonly traded currency pairs being USD-CAD, AUD-USD, EUR-USD, and USD-JPY. The account offers both long term and short term plans for any combination of these currencies and is one of the best-structured accounts on the whole platform. With the noticeable pattern of bullish market plans as well as a dosage of bearish overviews.

Taking into consideration all of the information provided it is a no-brainer to follow this account. However, since it is run by a company or a firm it would be unfair to put it up there with individual traders.


In conclusion, it is important to note that Malaysian Forex trading is quickly catching up to the world with new users joining famous platforms every day. The information is available from popular traders both inside and on the outskirts of the country all across the internet with success stories already making it under the spotlight quickly gaining followers. These people offer quick and valuable insight into their work giving the ability to the newcomers to copy pro strategies and start becoming successful in creating financially favorable conditions for themselves.

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